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Sell your horse faster and for more money
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This eBook is perfect if this is your first time or you are an experienced horse seller looking for that professional edge


If you are someone who wants to sell your horse faster and for more money then this eBook will solve your problems!

I’m Kate Hinton and like you, I have found selling horses stressful frustrating and exhausting.

I wanted to learn how to sell my horse like the professionals do.

So knowing there was a better way to buy and sell horses, I went to experts from all over the world to find out their secrets. Their techniques were so simple and so effective that I just had to share them with you!

Having made the decision to sell it is often difficult to know where to start.

Understanding how much your horse is worth or what people are looking for when purchasing is confusing until now!


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The Essential Guide to Selling Your Horse is a practical, easy to follow, in depth, step by step guide that clearly shows you the most effective ways to sell your horse.

This eBook has over 150 pages, more that 20 photos and pictures, and a 20 page sales planner.

PLUS 4 bonuses including a sales planner, legal protection documents, 7 extra value articles and 50 Top turn out tricks valued at over $125!

I want to share with you how to:

  • Prepare yourself, and your horse for the sale.
  • Where and when is the best place to advertise your horse for the most effect.
  • The 9 simple secrets to getting photos which sell. Plus how to make videos that increase your chance of sale by 10 times!
  • How to assess the market and set your horse’s price.
  • A simple technique for managing the first enquiry about your horse.
  • An easy 3 step system to showing your horse for sale.
  • What you must know when handling time wasters.
  • When to negotiate price and when not to.
  • The truth about vet checks.
  • How to make sure you get your money.
  • What support you can give the new owner to make your sale a success.
  • How to handle both local and international sales.

Horse Selling Planner

I’ll also show you my very own 20 plus page Horse Selling Planner. The Horse Selling Planner makes it easy to sell YOUR horse with:
  • Templates to use for your Selling Calender plus many more...
  • Forms to use to record farrier/vet service dates
  • Horse Condition Tracker
  • Training assessment record
  • Advertising planner
  • Price setting guide
  • Telephone sales script outlines
  • Buyer contact sheet

Use all of these to create a professional selling document that will detail your horse’s temperament, health, nutrition, achievements, riding history and much much more. It is sure to impress any buyer, adding value at the same time.

Now you can learn how to sell your horse faster and for more money - today!

Find Out:
  • How to avoid the mistakes that drop your horse's price.
  • The exact procedure for preparing your horse for sale.
  • Ways to improve your horses performance when on trial.
  • How to ensure your horse goes to the perfect new home!


What makes this guide so special?

  • We have approached horse experts from all corners of the world to find out exactly what makes horse selling effortless for them and how you can do it to!
  • This is the only horse selling guide that steps you through selling your own horse. You will never find another guide that can teach you how to sell your horse for a better price, at a faster pace!
  • Simple to follow step by step instructions make it clear and simple to follow.
  • This guide is set out in,easy and fun to read chapters which supports you whether you are selling your first horse or you are an experienced veteran!
  • And over 20 colour photos that make it even easier to understand.


Most people are not selling their horses correctly. Many who manage to sell their horse are not selling them at the price they deserve.


  • Do you feel stressed and nervous when thinking about selling your horse?
  • Unsure where to start?
  • Fear you will not get your best price or the best new home for your horse?
  • Conventional methods that do not work! More and more people are selling their horse under priced, especially in challenging economic times and it will never stop until they learn the proven and professional ways that the experts know! We’ve all seen it. The same horses for sale staying on websites the world over for months on end.

I will show you my proven strategies that helped experts sell countless horses in the last 10 years!

Don’t sell your horse to the wrong person or give it away for a rock bottom price out of desperation.


"The selling contract template is amazing! It's so simple to use and made me feel really confident with that whole 'selling my horse' feeling you get! It also made me feel a lot more protected knowing it gave me a legal contract I could rely on"
- Helen Calvert - USA, Texas


"It is the perfect tool for people who are new to selling their horse. The guide tells them everything they need to know about the selling process and gives them copies of all the forms and documents they need to fill out! 5 Stars!" -
Susan O'Malley - Dublin, Ireland


"The Essentail Guide to Selling your Horse is great! There are lots of pictures that show each step making the guide really easy to follow. I really like that all the pictures are in color and they show some great looking horses too!"
Angela Harris - NSW, Australia


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Horse Selling Planner

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Sales Planner
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This practical 18 page step by step planner gives you all you need to sell your horse. It includes a price setting guide, an advertising planner, your horse’s vet, farrier and health records and even a training and preparation calendar. Make sure you get the most money for your horse and find it a great home. Don’t sell your horse without it.

Horse Selling Legal Document

Bonus #2:
Legal Protection
Value: $35 Yours FREE

These four ‘legal’ Bonuses make sure you know where you stand when selling and reduces the risk of your sale turning bad. Our Sales and Purchase Contract template is a must have and gives you the protection you need. Also find out how to protect yourself from common scams and selling your horse unknowingly to slaughter!

Horse Selling Articles

Bonus #3:
7 Extra Value articles
Value: $25 Yours FREE

These articles are to help you even more. Includes how to take great photos and video of your horse, tips for writing great adverts and a FREE “Horse for Sale” advert on www.thathorse.com - reach thousands of horse people right now!

Horse Selling Tricks

Bonus #4:
50 Top Turn Out Tricks
Value: $20 Yours FREE

Finally, because presenting your horse in its best possible light is vital, this FREE Bonus gives you 50 Top Turn Out Tips and Tricks to make it easy.

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Happy Riding and Successful Selling!

Kate Hinton
Owner of the popular horse selling website www.thathorse.com and
creator of The Essential Guide to Selling Your Horse

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